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For Students of all ages:


We offer a full multi-sensory phonics programme for  Primary and Junior aged children,  using games and activities within a structured educational approach.  Children will begin to read, write and spell with understanding, and will grow in their confidence and skills.  There would need to be an assessment to know what level your child is currently working at,  what there particular difficulties and needs are,  and then we can proceed from there.    

Grammar and punctuation is also offered as a separate package, but some aspects of grammar etc would be integrated into the phonics programme.

For older children, within the Middle School to High School range who are struggling with reading, writing and spelling,  I offer another phonic programme which is also multi-sensory,  that addresses reading, writing and spelling and includes games and activities.  Students always enjoy the lessons,  and they progress in their skills and confidence.


Services can be individualised for students who are studying at a higher level and need help in a particular area,  e.g.  if they need help with GCSE work and study skills,  we can assist with this also.   


For Parents: we  can offer additional help and support with writing letters or reports to support your child,  attend local school teacher-parent meetings,  and give guidance and support on your schooling issues.   There will be a charge of £35 per hour for these extra services. 


We also now offer parent coaching, specifically designed for parents who have children with specific learning difficulties, including videos and one-to-one coaching.   Please go to Parent Coaching Page to find out more.