OWLS  STUDY SKILLS, on-line course

(for High school & Higher Education students)


Students in High School or Higher Education may struggle with their studies with regards or organisational skills, study skills, reading and writing skills, note taking etc.  We offer an on-line course  to help dyslexic students increase their skills and confidence and to manage their studies.  The course is delivered in 10 lessons.


Lesson 1:  Organisation and Exercises

Lesson 2:  Meaningful and Active Learning

Lesson 3:  Memorising Skills 1

Lesson 4:  Memorising Skills 2

Lesson 5:  Reading Skills (including Skimming and Scanning)

Lesson 6:  Memorising Skills 3

Lesson 7:  Taking Notes

Lesson 8:  Mind Mapping

Lesson 9:  Writing Essays

Lesson 10:  Revision of Course


The cost of the course is £30.00


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