OWLS  Punctuation Course (E-Course) for Jnrs.


Our punctuation course for Juniors is in 12 easy lessons.   The lessons  are  fun and interactive with

videos and games, but they are also structured and informative.  The lessons will enable your child

to learn the basics of punctuation that they can apply to their schooling.  


Our course content covers:


Lesson 1:  Capital Letters


Lesson 2:  Full stops.


Lesson 3:  Commas,


Lesson 4:  Question Marks?


Lesson 5:  Exclamation Marks!


Lesson 6:  "Speech Marks" or "Quotation Marks"


Lesson 7:  Apostrophe's


Lesson 8:  Ellipses ...


Lesson 9:  (Brackets)


Lesson 10:  Colons:


Lesson 11:  Semi colons;


Lesson 12:  Dashes & Hyphens - 



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