OWLS Phonics Programme for Dyslexic & ESL Students  - E Course


This course offers a structured, interactive and fun, on-line learning programme with 31 lessons, which includes games and activities to stimulate memory, comprehension and improve spelling skills.


Lesson 1:    The Alphabet

Lesson 2:    The Short Vowels

Lesson 3:    The Long Vowels

Lesson 4:    Beginning & End Blends

Lesson 5:    End Blends

Lesson 6:    When 'a'   says  'o'

Lesson 7:    Tricky Words

Lesson 8:    Silent e:  a-e,  i-e

Lesson 9:    Silent e:  o-e,  u-e

Lesson 10:  Beginning R Blends

Lesson 11:  Beginning L Blends

Lesson 12:  Beginning S Blends

Lesson 13:  Sight words

Lesson 14:  Digraphs 1- oi, oy / ou, ow

Lesson 15:  Digraphs 2 - mixed

Lesson 16:  Digraphs 3 - ar, or, aw

Lesson 17:  Digraphs 4 - oo,  oo

Lesson 18:  air & are words

Lesson 19:  ee, ea words & homophones

Lesson 20:  ie, ei words

Lesson 21:  'ear' words

Lesson 22:  Homophones

Lesson 23:  ti, ci, and 'sh' sounds

Lesson 24:  Soft c and soft g

Lesson 25:  Silent Letters 1:  k,  b,  t,  l

Lesson 26:  Silent Letters 2:  g, p, s, u, c

Lesson 27:  Silent Letters 3:  wr,  gn,  ph

Lesson 28:  Prefixes

Lesson 29:  Suffixes & Tenses

Lesson 30:  Suffixes & Plurals

Lesson 31:  Suffixes

End of Course Quiz


The lessons will build children's confidence and increase their reading, writing and spelling skills.


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