OWL is a multi-sensory,  is an on-line, independent learning, phonic course for children and youth with dyslexia which includes lessons, games, quizzes and videos, at  £12.00 for 30 minutes for live lessons over Skype.   


OR,  if you wish your child to study on-line their your own pace,  (which will required the help and guidance of parents) without live tuition, the cost of each separate unit will be £10.  


Separate units  can be studies and  booked as required.  The Owls Course also includes units on punctuation, grammar, reading and writing skills and study skills (see courses below).


To enquire and book a time and day for live, or self-study on-line lessons, ring or fill in the form on the website, contact page.




UNIT 1:   Letter sounds, names, alphabet order,  lower and upper case letters  (Beginners) - 7 lessons.  This lesson requires the assistance of adults for young children.  Click to see a demonstration lesson -  OWLS 1


UNIT 2:  Short and long vowels,  a, e, i, o, u & y  (Beginners)  -  11 lessons.      Click to see a demonstration lesson - OWLS 2


UNIT 3:  Beginning blends  (Beginners) - 13 lessons.   Click to see a demonstration lesson - OWLS 3


UNIT 4:  Spellings,  Magic e,  diphthongs - 11  lessons


UNIT 5:  Spellings,  end blends and plurals - 19  lessons


UNIT 6:  Silent letters,  soft c & g - 10 lessons


UNIT  7:  Prefixes - 10 lessons 


UNIT  8:  Suffixes - 10 lessons


UNIT 9:  Punctuation - 6 lessons


UNIT 10:  Grammar - 13 lessons


UNIT 11: Reading & Writing skills - 14 lessons (seniors)     


UNIT 12:  Study Skills - 8 lessons (seniors)   SAMPLE  LESSON   from   Unit  12 


OWLS on-line lessons