OWLS Reading & Writing Skills:  E - course

(For High School Students)


We have developed an interactive, on-line reading and writing skills course to help and enable dyslexic students to improve their skills and become more confident in their skills.  Please see the course outline below:


Lesson 1:   Reading Comprehension

Lesson 2:   Reading:  the purpose and language of text

Lesson 3:   Reading:  extracting information

Lesson 4:   Reading:  skimming and scanning

Lesson 5:   Reading:  proofreading and editing

Lesson 6:   Writing formal and informal letters

Lesson 7:   Persuasive writing

Lesson 8:   Writing blogs

Lesson 9:   Writing essays and reports

Lesson 10:  Writing articles / tabloids

Lesson 11:  Writing emails

Lesson 12:  Writing for social media

Lesson 13:  Writing poems


If you wish to purchase this course,  click the pay button below.  The cost of the course is £35.00


For more information, and to receive your order,  Contact us  on the form provided, then I can send you the link to begin the course.